Six Just So Stories – Meme & Poster Download

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I look so good, I need to renegotiate my contract.

—The Kangaroo

Literature Disguised as Fun

These are many of the posters and memes from Six Just So Stories. The PDF download also includes some blank memes that your students can get creative with.

These can be printed* for your classroom or for your homeschooled students. See below for what’s included.

*The download can be used to print memes and posters for a single classroom or one household.

Included in the Download

Art Used

  • Many of the images (Whale with man full page, Djinn with camel full page, Rhino full page, Leopard and Ethiopian full page, Elephant and various animals full page, Kangaroo and Dingo full page)  come from: Illustrations from a collection of short stories Gleeson, Joseph M. (Joseph Michael), (1861- )? Just so stories (c1912)  Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday & Co., Inc. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons | {{PD-US-expired}} (Cropped, text added,). Many individual animals have been extracted from these images.
  • Camel and Rider, India, Bihar, Patna, South Asi, Watercolor, 1825, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons,  {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Elephant carries Peacock (The Boy), Hors-texte du livre : Le Boy de Marius Bouillabès d’Auguste Vimar, éditeur H. Laurens Paris – 1928 – en face de la page 16, 1928, Auguste Vimar (1851-1916), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons, {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Camel (Polski: Wielbłąd, akwaforta; 31,5×21 cm, druga połowa XVIII wieku), J. El. Ridinger, National Library of Poland, 1767, Cropped, text added, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons (cropped), {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Whale Swallowing Man, Just So Stories for Little Children, text added, Internet Archive Book Images, No restrictions, via Wikimedia Commons, {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Men of the Day No 589: Caricature of Mr. R. Kipling, Vanity Fair 1894, Leslie Ward, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons, {{PD-US-expired}}