The Bet – Meme & Poster Download


What Others Think

I don't remember giving Mr. Draeger permission to use my likeness on the movie poster. He can expect a lawsuit as soon I finish reading all my books.

—The Lawyer

Literature Disguised as Fun

These are the posters, cartoons and memes from the The Bet by Anton Chekhov in full color (if the original is color). The PDF download also includes a photo of Chekhov and some blank memes that your students can get creative with.

These can be printed* for your classroom or for your homeschooled students. See below for what’s included.

*The download can be used to print memes and posters for a single classroom or one household.

Included in the Download

Art Used

  • I can’t read another book. Student in his Study Jan Davidsz. de Heem, oil on panel, 60 x 81 cm Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Photo of Chekhov Anton Pavlovich Chekov (1860-1904) V. Chekhovskii, Moscow, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Movie Poster The Banker by Isidor Kaufmann Young Man with Cap and Gloves by Titian Boy at Desk by Adolph von Menzel {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Smartest Guy in the Room Sitting young gentleman with pipe and book by Pieter Codde (1599-1678) 18.1” x 13.3” | circa 1630-1633 {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Thinking about “Jesus wept” A Young Man Reading at Candlelight by Matthias Stom (1615 – 1649) oil on canvas | 28.9” x 23” | 17th Century {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Time Travel Poster Tarantas – a large four wheel carriage without seats used for travel in Siberia during the summer 28 of ‘Siberia and the Exile System. (With illustrations and maps)’ Portrait of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov by Osip Braz oil on canvas / 1898 {{PD-US-expired}}