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Thank you for USA Bingo! It took us awhile to get together to play it with our grandchildren during these crazy times but we really loved it. It's great for lots of different ages, which makes it really convenient and popular with all. The younger ones were eager to learn the states and then the capitals and older kids and adults enjoyed the diverse clues and crazy rhymes! It also helped to have the flash cards and maps to hand out to the little ones. Keep up the good work...


USA Bingo Cover: ARTK12 by Glen Draeger and Kristin J. DraegerUSA Bingo is a fun way for your students to learn the basic geography of the USA (states and capitals). Though the focus is learning where the states are there is a lot of other geography sprinkled throughout.

Game includes:

  • 20 bingo cards (10 usable at one time)
  • 4 x 4 (10) and 5 x 5 (10) bingo cards
  • 52 flash cards (state on one side, clues on the other)
  • Map of the USA (states labelled)
  • Map of the USA (capitals labelled)
  • 124 USA Bingo Tokens
  • Many ways to play (see below)

USA Bingo: Bingo Cards, Flash Cards, Tokens and USA States and Capitals

USA Bingo is unique approach to learning USA geography for your students.

  • Grade Level: 3 – 8
  • Full Color
  • Pages: 80

This is a disposable book. You will have to take it apart in order to use it.

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By adding USA Extra Bingo Cards you’ll have enough cards for classroom use: 40 cards usable at one time. 40 4 x 4 cards and 40 5 x 5 cards.

Many Ways to Play

  • 2 Different Bingo Cards
    There is a 4 x 4 bingo card and a 5 x 5 bingo card. The 4 x 4 card squares show the states in their context with surrounding states. The 5 x 5 card squares show ONLY the state. Both types have a star showing the locations of the state capitals.
  • Show the State
    Simply show the state flash card to students. This is great for when students are just learning the states.
  • Name the State
    Once students have learned the states by sight, simply say the name of the state.
  • Read the Story Clues
    Each flash card has two clues in a short story type format. By naming surrounding states, geographical features and cities in an entertaining way the students determine what state it is.
  • Read the Quirky Rhymes
    Each flash card has one quirky rhyme that gives a clue for the state and capital. 
  • Student Review
    Students can use the flash cards on their own to learn and review the states without playing the game.

Instructions for Dismantling USA Bingo
Instructions for Dismantling Africa Bingo
The above is for Africa Bingo, but this procedure uses a paper cutter.

Sample Bingo Cards, Flash Cards & Maps

Sample Clue

We are standing on the highest point east of the Mississippi River, Mount Mitchell (6,684 feet). It was named after Elisha Mitchell who died in 1857 while trying to verify his original findings that this was the highest peak east of the Mississippi. Let’s all remember that. Don’t second guess yourself. There’s a moral here that I think… “Cut! What are you doing?” I’m just trying to use a historical event to pass on some of my great knowledge and wisdom. “No. Don’t do that. It’s a bingo game! Stay on task!” Man, that guy is irritating. Anyway, this peak is also the highest peak in the Appalachian Mountains which pass through this state. North of us is Virginia, south of us is….well, I’m not going to tell you because that would really give it away, east of us is the Atlantic Ocean and west of us is Tennessee. Which state are we in? And for a two year round trip to the planet Mars (food not included) which state is south of us?

Sample Quirky Poem

My new Yorkshire Terrier is much smaller than my Saint Bernard.
Its head doesn’t reach Al’s boney knee even when its jumping hard.