Walking – Meme & Poster Download


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Maybe these memes, or whatever you call them, would be cool to put in my cabin on Walden Pond, but I don't have printer, nor do I know what one is.

—Henry David Thoreau

Literature Disguised as Fun

These are the posters and memes from Walking in full color (if the original is color). The PDF download also includes a photo of Thoreau and some blank memes that your students can get creative with.

These can be printed* for your classroom or for your homeschooled students. See below for what’s included.

*The download can be used to print memes and posters for a single classroom or one household.

Included in the Download

Art Used

  • Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862). Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
  • A winter day in the woods of Northern Zealand. A man walking his dog. (detail) by Anders Andersen-Lundby (1841-1923) oil on canvas | 17.3” x 21.6” | 1874 | {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Western Landscape (detail) by Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) oil on paper laid down on board | 10” x 7” {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Mountain Landscape by Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) oil on paper mounted on cardboard 18.5” x 13.5” | {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Peasant Walking by David Teniers the Younger (1610-1690) oil on wood | 1670 | {{PD-US-expired}}
  • Jesus of Nazareth His life and teachings; founded on the four Gospels, and illustrated by reference to the manners, customs, religious beliefs, and political institutions of His times (1869) (detail)