Proofreading Africa Bingo

Publication Delayed

Just an update. During our proofing process we have had to rethink some things that we’ll be changing. Unfortunately this will delay publication. We want to get it right…particularly since this is the first in the series.

Africa Bingo Cover ProofYears ago I read this somewhere and it has stuck with me:

Novels are not written…they are rewritten.

There are a lot of variations to this out there (I just searched), which probably proves the point.

I have helped Kristin proofread her books over the years and I have always been amazed at how difficult this can be. It doesn’t seem difficult. Read the book. Look at the pictures. Simple Simon. Often there is a misplaced confidence that THIS book, oh this one, is going to be perfect the first time out.

But invariably when the proof arrives the errors are all too obvious. Keep in mind the book has already been proofread over and over on the computer before it goes to press for the first time. Yet, there it is…the missing word, the extra word, the upside down image, the incorrect margins…all there mocking the careful (though, apparently, not careful enough) writer and editor.

I think most every book that ARTK12 has published has had a Mom or a student find something we missed after many rounds of edits and proofreading.

We are currently in our third round of proofreading and editing Africa Bingo. In the first proof, the flash cards were wrong: one side right side up the other upside down. Easy enough to fix. In the second round, after the fix, I noticed the back of the flash card did not match the country on the front a result of the fix in round one and neglecting to adjust to it. Round three is exposing text edits that need to be done. We are getting there. There will for sure be a fourth round. Here’s hoping we don’t make it to five…but don’t hold your breath…not that you would or would want to or even care enough to try.

The Book: Africa Bingo

From the Backcover

Learning and learning geography can be fun. In Africa Bingo students learn where African countries are and geographical facts about each country through the classic game of bingo.

Your youngest students will see and hear the name of the country they are looking for on their bingo card and later be asked to travel north, south, east or west from one country to another. More advanced students after hearing what countries they have been in will be asked what country has a common border on all these or what country is encircled by the other countries.

In the facts section, which always has the name of the capital city, students hear a list of facts or maybe just one you choose to figure out the country they are in.

All this is presented in a fun and entertaining way from the vehicles used to travel, the strange people who come along for the journey, to talking animals and trees, time-travelers and even aliens from other planets.

Africa Bingo: Geography Disguised as Fun!

Sample Africa Bingo Pages

Let’s hope I proofread this post enough!


Erin Rodriguez

I could have Ricky take a look and give his stamp of approval. ;-)


The Almighty Author is going through it now and finding lots of my mistakes. We may take you up on that after this round. Stay tuned!


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