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Many of you I know are familiar with the Rainbow Resource Center. They’re been selling books and curriculum to homeschoolers for many years. In the old days they sent out a print catalog. Guess what? They still do.

If you’re like me and prefer to sit down with a real magazine or book then this catalog is for you and it’s almost 300 pages long and it’s now in color. I’m pretty sure it was black and white in the past.

ARTK12’s Draw the World series is in the catalog on page 236 (now it’s clear why I’m writing about this, right?). We’re so proud of our books. They worked hard to get there. They look pretty good too: neat and trim.

You can request a Rainbow Resource catalog at this link:

See almost all the ARTK12 Books on the Rainbow Resource Center website.

Text and Image from the Catalog

Here’s the full text from the catalog:

ARTK12 Map Books in the Rainbow Resource Catalog

ArtK12 Draw the World Series (Grades 3-8)

  • Learn geography through drawing.
  • Commit maps of regions to memory.
  • Drawing makes leaming fun!

Without an understanding of geography, all places only mean “somewhere.” With simple, fun instructions, children start at one end of a region and work their way around until they can easily draw the whole region from memory. Pages have the featured state or country name at the top, tan background and a colorful border across the bottom featuring buildings, landmarks, animals, and vehicles representative of the region. The middle of each page holds the surrounding states/countries/features learned so far, bordered in black and labeled with their abbreviation (states) or name (countries, major bodies of water), and the one being learned bordered in red along with memorable instructions for drawing it. Text is a handwritten font and outlines are simple sketches. This book’s sole focus is being able to draw a region one step at a time. Children draw on their own paper, so the books can be used again. You’ll need to supply your own paper and drawing tools — pencils and colored pencils. Each book is about 65 pages.

EACH BOOK………….18.50

  • 064781 Africa
  • 064784 Europe
  • 064782 Asia Vol. I
  • 069163 Oceania
  • 065445 Asia Vol 2
  • 064785 USA
  • 064783 Canada and Greenland
  • 013526 Mexico, Central & South America
  • 031271 Draw the World: an Outline of Continents and Oceans

Uses an 11″x17″ ledger-sized piece of paper. A simple basic outline of the world is drawn step-by-step by the student and the continents and oceans will be labeled at the end.

AK120W Package of 9 above 157.95

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