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ARTK12 Reviews, Mother and her son and daughter showing a thumbs upIt’s not exactly a review, technically it’s a description of a product: ARTK12’s American Art History Curriculum. But it may as well be one. Enjoy!

Some months ago Rainbow Resource Center started carrying ARTK12’s American Art History curriculum. They have a nice write up about the curriculum on their product pages for ARTK12’s books. I thought I’d share some of the highlights.

Jess writes:

Not only is this the only American art history course that I have ever seen for homeschool use, but it may be one of the most original approaches to art history that I have seen.

After talking about the Art History Bingo game she has this to say:

Ready for more fun? Read the chapters in American Art History to learn more about the culture, the period in history, and details about featured artists all in newspaper form.

American Art History Volume II by Kristin J. DraegerIn addition to this (culture, time period and the artist) Kristin tackles the meaning of the art pieces and how to go about interpreting them. This is often missed in art curriculum. Jess continues:

I’m impressed at the amount of information that is woven into the (very) humorous articles, and have found myself laughing at some of the commentary, names and advertisements included. If you’re looking for something dry and straightforward, this is probably not the program you are looking for!

Definitely, not the program you are looking for. This program is fun and it does not lack information. Your students will learn about great American Art and enjoy it! I know, I know, you’re skeptical. Don’t take our word for it read some of the other reviews too. And finally Jess concludes with this:

The activities are simple and straightforward (little teacher prep required), the lessons are entertaining, and all of the books are high-quality and well-designed. If you spend a little time getting to know this one, I’m pretty sure you will be as enthusiastic as your students about this program!

I’d like to emphasize that prep time is minimal. Nor is it necessary that you know how to draw. Literally you could come into a classroom (or homeschool room) with these books and teach an art lesson with your only prep being to take apart the Bingo book (I’ve done this in about 5 – 10 minutes…it’ll take longer if you want laminate the cards or protect them in someway) and provide some drawing paper. Go ahead, go to bed early or sleep in! ARTK12 has done the work for you!

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