Rainbow Resource to Sell Art History Books

American Art History, Full Year Set, Six Books by Kristin J. DraegerI know you’ve been waiting. Anxiously. Wondering: when will it happen? Will it ever happen? Will I see it happen in my lifetime? What about my kids? My grand kids? Generations to come?

Wonder no more. Rainbow Resource, which currently sells all of ARTK12’s geography books, is going to begin selling ARTK12’s American Art History books. This will include all six books:

When Will this Magnificent Event Happen?

We are not sure when the actual selling of the books will begin. We suspect sometime in early 2018. We will, of course, keep you posted.

What is the Greater Meaning?

ARTK12 does not sell single copies of our books on our website. Currently, only Amazon sells single copies of American Art History books. But now, most talented homeschoolers, Rainbow Resource will also be fulfilling that role. We know a lot of you use Rainbow Resource, so there you go! In some cases, your charter schools may also use Rainbow Resource exclusively. Always good to get free books.


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