Schoolmarm Ohio Reviews Ancient Greek Pottery & Mission Architecture

Ancient Greek Pottery by Kristin J. Draeger

Lisa at Schoolmarm Ohio has reviewed Ancient Greek Pottery Disguised as Fun and Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun, ARTK12’s two latest children’s books. From her website she says:

I love homeschooling and have a deep devotion in helping homeschool families. Deciding a name for my homeschool portfolio review business was easy since schoolmarm is an old-fashioned term for teacher.

I am an alumni home educator of two sons and licensed teacher in Ohio.

Lisa previously reviewed ARTK12’s art history curriculum.

Review Highlights

About Ancient Greek Pottery Disguised as Fun

She [Kristin] has done a fantastic job in combining pictures of artifacts and giving details about each piece. Kristin has pronunciations of characters that are on the artifacts and also describes the pieces you are seeing. I appreciate that the text is simple because it does not detract from the pottery pieces.

I love Kristin’s humor and wish I could spend a day with her at an art museum. But, since that isn’t possible, her book is the next best thing.

Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun

About Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun

The comments of the cartoon characters that Kristin has throughout the book were comical and at the same time relatable…

There is a Hide-and-Seek in this book too; can you locate the daisy? I know very little about architecture and have never seen a mission building, so I think this is a great introduction and springboard for further investigation.

Thanks Lisa for these comments!

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