Schoolmarm Ohio Reviews Art History Curriculum

American Art History Volume II by Kristin J. Draeger

ARTK12 was approached a couple of months ago by Schoolmarm Ohio (Lisa McAfee) about reviewing Kristin’s Art History curriculum. She came across the draw map series while reviewing a student’s portfolio last summer and wondered if Kristin had written other books. She wrote in her email to Kristin:

I was so happy to see that you have a variety of books and art history curriculum.

Lisa is a licensed teacher, homeschooled her sons and has a blog of homeschool resources for parents. She also teaches World Geography at a two day, college prep homeschool program.

She begins the review with this:

As you begin to plan for next year’s curricula I wanted to share with you a series that I love! I think you will want to add this to your list of books to purchase.

American Art History Bingo for Volumes II 36

She writes about all three books for Semester 2 of American Art History: the textbook, the drawing book and the bingo game. In reference to the art bingo game she writes:

You hold up the larger image of the artwork and call out the artist’s name, location, and date of the piece. The cool thing is that students memorize these facts without even realizing it! 🙂 You know what is remarkable? Once you have studied these pieces, she will start seeing them all over, in advertisements, movies, museums…

Check out the full review and other resources on Lisa’s website.

American Art History Review by Schoolmarm Ohio

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