September 2017 Special! Free Art History Books

This offer has ended. Rats!

American Art History, Semester 1 (3 books)This is a good one, folks. If you buy 7, 8 or 9 books in our Geography Book Bundle, you will receive an American Art History, Semester I Bundle free. That’s 3 books: American Art History Vol. I, Drawing American Art Vol. I and American Art Bingo Vol. I.

Why oh why are we doing this?

This American Art History bundle is regularly $64.49, if you buy it retail at Amazon it’ll be even more. We believe in these books. People that saw them at the Great Homeschool Convention were very interested in them and many purchased them having seen them for the first time. The history series has received some great reviews and the curriculum has been used with homeschoolers for many years in a classroom setting.

This curriculum is easy to use.

Many parents are intimidated by art. No need. Kristin’s books do the work for you. They are geared toward 3 – 8 grade, but it is essentially a high school art program in content. They’re entertaining, fun and academic. Kristin approaches art in unique way. Though who, what and where are important, Kristin is highly interested in the why of art, in the meaning of art and how to interpret it. She does all this with cartoons, faux newspaper articles, forgeries, drawings and a great bingo game. You will have fun too! You will learn too! I’m not kidding!

But the books are not selling well.

Kristin’s geography series took off via word-of-mouth. Thank you all you mouths out there who did and continue to talk about Kristin’s map books. We are very grateful. So our thinking is we need to get these history books into the hands of homeschooling parents who will actually use them, who will see the benefit their students receive and then talk about them. There is no better advertising than word-of-mouth. We are convinced of that. So this is where we are spending our advertising dollars for September.

Don’t take my word for it. Buy that map set you’ve been drooling over and receive a free history set.

Okay, I’m done. Good night!

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