Spring into Spring Savings Coupon!

Coupon. Spring 2018. 10% Off. Code: SPRINGBLOG2018I know, I know. It’s a corny title. The great thing about clichés is they can do the writing for you. You don’t really need to think or think about what the cliché actually means. It’s a very efficient (and lazy) way to put the written word out in the wild of the World Wide Web. But I digress.


That’s right, 10% off everything on the ARTK12 website.  Full disclosure: you do have to have a minimum of $58.00 dollars in your cart at the time of checkout. If you only want to buy single copies of our books head on over to the Rainbow Resource Center or Amazon.com.

But if you want to fill your cart with lots of goodies from ARTK12 then stay right here and use this coupon code:


This coupon is good through May 31, 2018. Feel free to share the code on social media. Share it with your friends. Share it with your relatives. Share it with people you don’t know. Stop people on the street and tell them about it. You might even consider writing your representative in congress with this stupendous news. Such good news might turn enemies into friends or vice versa. So be careful.


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