Glen Draeger

Sales / Webmaster / Author

Glen’s claim to fame is marrying Kristin in 1990. Other than that he has held jobs as a high school teacher, a delivery guy, a candlemaker and tennis court construction dude.  He holds (yes, it’s in his hands now!) a B.S. degree in Physical Education and a M.A. in Education. He is currently owner of Sweet Thursday Web Development (since 2006) and was fortunate enough to land the ARTK12 website gig after some fairly intense negotiations with the founder.

Glen is the author of USA Bingo, Draw the Natural Wonders of the USA, Draw the Natural Wonders of Europe, Draw the Natural Wonders of Africa, a contributing author of Africa Bingo, editor of a book about his grandfather, The Worse for It: The World War I Letters and Artifacts of Private First Class Robert E. Schalles and author/editor of the series: Literature Disguised as Fun which currently has 15 books including additional hardbacks for some titles.

His Bacon number is 2.

Phone: 928.533.1661

Glen Draeger