20% Off CouponIt took less than 40 minutes, once the newsletter went out, for our 10 winners of the 20% coupon to respond. Thanks to all of you who responded and didn’t win, but at least there is the 10% coupon (SPRING2021) for everyone else (I was going to say for all the losers…but that didn’t seem appropriate).

There were a couple of responses from the winners that made me laugh out loud. Seriously. Not just LOL, because I think some people use LOL even when they don’t really LOL. I literally laughed out loud. Twice. For the record, when I use LOL….it means I really LOL’d. You may need that information in the future, so file it away. This is important stuff.

The fourth winner simply wrote:


Short and to the point and did not insult my intelligence as she knew I would understand the meaning contained therein.

The 10th and final winner wrote:

“I want it!!”

Verbose compared to number four, but no less funny.

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