“Coupons?,” you ask. Normally, we do one coupon a year, but this year, since we don’t have a new book coming out, we’ll be doing our traditional 10% off coupon along with ten one-time-use 20% off coupons for 10 of our newsletter subscribers. 10 coupons? Are you kidding? I am not kidding. I would not kid about something this momentous and this important. 

It’s a Contest

So, if you are newsletter subscriber, once you receive the newsletter WITH the 10% off coupon code, if you are one of the first 10 to respond telling us you want the 20% off, you will receive a one-time-use coupon code for 20% off your entire order*.

This will be your very own coupon code…no one will else will have it. Why is this important? It’s not, but it sounds important and if it sounds important…it might make you feel kind of good, even though there is no rational reason for that feeling. But, you know, feeling good is not a bad thing. So enjoy it.

But When?

That is the question. I can tell you it will be sent out during the first couple of weeks of May, 2021. I can tell you it might be sent in the morning, afternoon or evening. I don’t know yet. I can tell you that with these contests the 10 winners are usually decided within the first hour after the newsletter goes out. I can tell you lots of other things too, but my time is limited. 

The general 10% off coupon will last until the end of May. If you are one of the lucky winners, your one-time-use (note this is the 3rd time I’ve mentioned that) 20% off coupon will last until the end of 2021. No way! Yes, way……….beyond your wildest expectations. 

Let’s say, for example, that you ordered both the Draw the World Series and the full American Art History series. That total would be $264.98. With the 20% off coupon you would save $53.00 off that price. Imagine the unimaginable fun you could have with 53 dollars.

Please Consider…

“But I was going to save it. Put it away. You know, actually save the 53 dollars.” 

What?! Are you crazy? Don’t do it. Live a little. Be frivolous. 

*The fine print. There is a limit on the amount of the 20% off coupon. You can order up to $300.00 worth of books with the 20% off coupon. No more, but it can be less as long as it meets our minimum purchase requirement.


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