The Impressive Undaunted Photography Novice

ARTK12 Product Page Upgrade

New Looks for the Same Books

We’ve tried to spice up the product area of the website. We’re hoping the new hero images at the top will be so compelling, will so realistically depict the quality of the content contained in our books that you’ll be drawn almost against your will to purchase them.

I’ve tested this theory on my Mom and it seemed to work. Though she did inform me she couldn’t find her reading glasses so the new images were a little hard to see and that she might have ordered more books than she intended and she wasn’t really sure what books she had ordered, but she didn’t care because she loved me. Moms are awesome! But a sale’s a sale. That’s what I say.

It May Look Like I Know What I’m Doing — I Don’t

The issue is I really need my brother-in-law who is a photography guru. The Almighty Author bought me a camera for my birthday and together with a new photo shoot, background screen, bright lights set up thingy (that’s a technical term) I took some photos of Kristin’s books. I set this whole thing up in the garage and I’m sure the neighbors were quite impressed with my professionalism. “Wow, not only can he take down Christmas lights, but he takes photos of books. I’m overwhelmed.”

ARTK12 Garage Photo Studio

I like the umbrellas…next time I’ll use them correctly!

I had some idea of what I was doing, but most likely the wrong idea. Cords were going everywhere. I barely had a place to stand. I set the lights up, a backdrop and kind of positioned everything in way that looked like it might put some light and shadows on the books. My camera has a million settings that I don’t understand and most likely won’t understand at any time before my eventual, inevitable demise.

At first I was going to use a tripod, but that just seemed like too much trouble, what with all the cords, telescoping legs, leveling issues and a high dose of ignorance in its use. Plus there was just a high probability for user error.

Dive In

So I just started taking photos. Once all the clicking began and I started moving around from side to side and stooping down for different angles, I did start to feel a little as if I knew what I was doing; like I was one of those highly paid photographers taking photos of models from every possible angle, giving directions, changing lenses…though, of course, having very little idea if my techniques were helping in the slightest. Click. Click. Click. Move the books. Click. Click. Focus. Focus again. Click. Click. Click. Look pensive. Move the books an inch or two. Click. Click. Click.

And that was it. Tear it down. Edit the photos. Add them to the ARTK12 website.

Except….I forgot to take one photo. So instead of setting everything up again. I did this one very quickly without all my lights, cords, backgrounds and backdrops and it looks, well, just as good as the others. Go figure.

Give it a Shot!

If you know what movie the title is paying homage to, leave your answer below. You won’t win anything, but The Husband will be impressed.



Glen, once again you made me laugh out loud. Several times. Say, you should be a writer! We sure miss you guys.


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