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The Natural Homeschool reviewed these seven books:

I could just try to paraphrase what Tanya has written in her article, “Learn Geography while Having Fun by Drawing the 7 Continents in the World,”, opens new window but I think I’ll just let her speak for herself.

Today, I want to share with you an awesome Geography idea that will not only make you look like the best homeschool parent in the world, but it will make your kids look like geniuses!

And then there’s this:

I knew my kids were pretty good at drawing maps because we have been doing it for years, but using these step-by-step books improved their drawings by leaps and bounds!

The Natural Homeschool Logoopens new window

And she concludes with this:

When it comes to awesome 7 continents activities, I recommend ARTK12 100%! They deliver what they promise and then some! This set will help your kids find almost any country in the world and draw it with ease!

I think she liked the books. And I think you and your students will too.

Giveaway & Coupon Code

You can read the full review on The Natural Homeschool website, opens new window. But there’s more!

You can also enter a giveaway contest to win the complete 9 volume geography set. Retail all nine would sell for $179.55 (here on ARTK12 you can get all 9 for $139.49) or if you win the contest your cost is $0.00 and the pain of waiting for them to arrive.

If you don’t win, we provided The Natural Homeschool with a coupon for 10% off all ARTK12 books. Just one catch…you’ll have to go The Natural Homeschool website, opens new window to get the coupon code or enter the giveaway contest. That coupon is good through June 15th and the contest ends in 8 days. Winner will be announced June 1st.

I hope I win!


“Yeah, Babe?”

“You’re not entering the contest. They’re our books, why would you do that?”

“I love contests!”

“You’re not entering.”

Rats! That sounds kind of final. Set in stone a bit. Boy, these authors are touchy creatures! Oh well. At least you can enter.


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