The White House: Lego Architecture Series

Jame Hoban's Original White House DrawingIn the third volume of my American Art series, I introduce James Hoban’s original drawing of the White House. Students learn about Hoban and the different architectural components of the White House, and complete a copy of Hoban’s drawing.

Lego’s Architecture Series

Lego White House Instruction Book: Architecture Series

A fabulous accompaniment to this lesson is Lego’s White House in their Architecture series. Like all Lego products, the instructions are wonderful and the pieces fit together flawlessly and stay together (until you take it apart). It’s great for students to see the building in three dimensions and, of course it is fun to construct. It’s expense (about $50) is outweighed by the fact that it can be used over and over and even passed around among homeschooling families.

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