There’s a New Kid in Town! MonkeeBooks!

Forgive my nostalgic musical references. The new kid? Read on!

Some of you may recall back in December that The Other Husband found me on the Iron King Trail here in Prescott Valley, Arizona to win some ARTK12 books. As it happens he is also a web developer and his wife is a homeschooler.

MonkeeBooks LogoMonkeeBooks

MonkeeBooks is a new endeavor by this husband/wife team. What is MonkeeBooks? I’m anticipating your thought process as you’re reading. Impressive, I know. MonkeeBooks is a place to buy and sell homeschooling books, curriculum and materials. Here’s what they say on their website:

Monkeebooks was designed by a home school family for the intent of helping other home school families find resources to help educate their children. Homeschoolers are a unique group of individuals; let’s rise to the occasion and support each other in this small way by cheerfully passing on our books and talents to other homeschoolers while recouping money spent for the next school year.

The really cool thing here is that not only can you buy stuff, but you can also set up your own store to sell your own stuff. It doesn’t cost you anything to set up a store. MonkeeBooks will take a percentage of what you sell to others, but their fees are lower than both Ebay and Amazon. They also take the hassle out of having to create your own website and you do not have to set up credit card payments yourself. It’s already taken care of. Sweet!

Another difference with some of the big sellers on the internet is that MonkeeBooks is focused solely on homeschooling. Monkeebooks wants to be place where homeschoolers can come to both buy and sell homeschooling books and curriculum.

Buying Season is Coming!

Need some extra cash to buy those ARTK12 books you want? I know, I know, it’s a little self-serving. How about just need some extra cash? Too many books cluttering up your education room? Create a store on MonkeeBooks and start selling. If you have problems with the set up, they’re even willing to help you.

We wish MonkeeBooks well in their new endeavor and we hope some of you that read the ARTK12 blog will give them a try.

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