Timberdoodle Now Selling Draw the USA

Draw the USA CoverTimberdoodle’s new curriculum kits for the 2017-2018 school year are out. ARTK12’s Draw the USA is included in the 5th Grade 2017 Curriculum Kit for both the Complete and Elite versions.

These kits look really good. I don’t know how we missed Timberdoodle when we were homeschooling our son…but somehow we did. The kits come in three versions: Basic, Complete and Elite and all of them offer good savings off the retail price if the books were purchased individually.

Don’t want the kit, but still want to buy from Timberdoodle? You can also buy Draw the USA on its own. Lot’s of options!

View the 5th Grade Curriculum Kit »

View Draw the USA at Timberdoodle »

Sample Pages from Draw the USA

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