The services we provide at ARTK12 really do go above and beyond. I know having a time machine may seem glamorous and you might even be envious, but the maintenance schedule is quite demanding. Seriously, try finding parts for a time machine some time. It can be a challenge.

And once you’ve purchased a time machine (fairly expensive by itself) there are other considerations: time travel insurance, expensive repair bills and with gasoline prices going up filling up is getting more and more expensive.

But your students are worth it! Here’s some information on our next trip. These excursions fill up fast, so don’t delay if you’re thinking about it.

Time Travel to Russia. Meet Anton Chekhov!

Photos and Art Used: Tarantas – a large four wheel carriage without seats used for travel in Siberia during the summer. 28 of ‘Siberia and the Exile System. (With illustrations and maps).’ Portrait of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov by Osip Braz, oil on canvas / 1898


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