ARTK12 has two new geography books. We’re hoping to get them out before the school year starts. Wish us luck!

Europe: Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Animals and Natural Wonders

In this new book students do not draw the map (like they do in Draw Europe), but they add mountains, rivers, lakes, animals and natural wonders to a provided template. This is a lot of stuff. So Kristin has decided that students will be using four 8.5 x 11 inch pieces of paper. If you desire, students can first use 4 sheets of paper to draw the template using ARTK12’s Draw Europe, then they can add these new features to the map by drawing them with the simple step-by-step instructions provided in the new book. The natural wonders will be denoted by a pin. There is more to come. Check out the photos below.

Africa Bingo

We’ve been talking about Africa Bingo for a while. We thought we had it done once and then we had to rethink it. Then we thought we had it done again and had to rethink it again. We are getting there. The bingo game will have three authors (something new for ARTK12): Kristin, of course, Myself, The Husband and Caleb Short, The New Guy.

The Geography Bingo game gives you 4 activities.

  1. Show the front of the country flash card, students place a token.
  2. Read a funny little story (the easy version) and students place a token based on the clues.
  3. Read a funny little story (the difficult version) and student place a token based on the clues.
  4. Read a quirky rhyme that gives clues to the capital and country: students place a token.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of these two books.


Sonja Rea

I truly enjoy reading your newsletters and product descriptions. Thank you for providing such wonderful educational products that are a joy to share with my children.


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