USA Bingo Cover: Geography Disguised as FunLook. Someone’s gotta do it. If you’re not a highly paid, famous author with a big publishing company, an agent and a team of editors, then guess what? You gotta do it. Or in my case, I gotta do it. That’s what I’m doing now: editing USA Bingo. Of late I’ve been making sure that all my directions and borders are correct. In USA Bingo the clues inform your students if neighboring states are north, east, south or west in relation to the answer state or what states surround or border the answer state. For example take this one:

We’re on the top of Hoye-Crest (3,360 feet) the highest point in this state. The state tree is the White Oak and Wye Oak… “Because oak is cool?” No, I mean Wye Oak. “Why oak?” Yeah. “I don’t know, I’ve always liked oak. Probably other people do too?” No, no, I mean Wye Oak. “Maybe because oak is really strong? Because it’s a hardwood?” No, you don’t understand, Wye Oak… “Because you can make very cool furniture with it?” No, no, it’s Wye Oak. “Stop saying that! You’re annoying me!” Listen! The Wye Oak tree was the largest White Oak tree in the U.S. until it was destroyed in a thunderstorm in 2002. It was over 460 years old. That’s the Wye Oak! “Oh. The Wye Oak, White Oak?” Yeah. “Why didn’t you just say so!” From where we are if we look west or south we see West Virginia. Farther south is Virginia. If we look north we see Pennsylvania. Which state are we in?

I’ve been going through making sure the north, south, east and west are correct. I don’t want to say Pennsylvania is north of a particular state if it is actually east. I know this is all very interesting, but it reminds me of a plaque my Mom made for me many decades ago: “Novels are not written, they are rewritten.” I think most writing is like that.

Once I’m done, The Author, the real author, my wife, Kristin, will check my work. Once the sobbing and crying ends, I’ll make the necessary changes and we’ll be ready for publication!

Many Ways to Play USA Bingo

USA Bingo will have several ways to play Bingo:

  • Show the Flash Card
  • Name the state
  • Read clue one on the back of the flash card
  • Read clue two on the back of the flash card
  • Read the quirky rhyme that gives clues for both state and capital

With the above you have two choices for the bingo card:

  • Use the 4 x 4 bingo card (shows state in context)
  • Use the 5 x 5 bingo card (shows state out of context). We’re calling this “Zoom” bingo.

Your students can also use the flash cards to review or learn their states.

Publication of USA Bingo is planned for late May or early June and there will be a newsletter contest for 10 free copies. Once the newsletter goes out announcing the book, the first 10 replies get a free one. If you’re not a subscriber use the blue button below to become one.

It is a disposable book, you’ll get to tear it up to use it! Read all the posts about USA Bingo.

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