USA Bingo is on schedule, maybe a little ahead which is good because it gives us a little breathing room. We have the rough draft of the text completed. We’re now beginning to work on formatting the book.

Geography Bingo Series

This is the second book in our geography bingo series. The first one is Africa Bingo which came out at the end of 2019. 

USA Bingo will include all 50 states plus Washington D.C. and the Great Lakes.

Here are some sample USA bingo cards:

Which State?

The back of each flash card will have written clues for your students to figure out the state they are in. Here’s an example:

We are standing on the highest point east of the Mississippi River, Mount Mitchell (6,684 feet) named after Elisha Mitchell who died in 1857 while trying to verify his original findings that this was the highest peak east of the Mississippi. Let’s all remember that. Don’t second guess yourself. There’s a moral here that I think… “Cut! What are you doing?” I’m just trying to use a historical event to pass on some of my great wisdom. “No. Don’t do that. It’s a bingo game! Stay on task!” Man, that guy is irritating. Anyway, this peak is also the highest peak in the Appalachian Mountains which pass through this state. North of us is Virginia, south of us is….well, I’m not going to tell you because that would really give it away, east of us is the Atlantic Ocean and west of us is Tennessee. Which state are we in? And for a two year trip to the planet Mars and back (food not included) which state is south of us?

And the answer is…North Carolina. The bonus answer is…South Carolina.

U.S. State Capitals? You Bet!

For each capital there is a quirky rhyme to the give your students a clue for the state and its capital. Here’s an example:

Ugly color you say? Nah, brass can compete with any metal!
This alloy looks great on my custom Lincoln Continental.

The Nebraska capital is Lincoln.



Great! We’ll be running the newsletter contest for this book also. When we send out the announcement of publication, the first 10 replies will receive the book free.


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