USA Bingo Cover: Geography Disguised as FunIn all of our bingo games (geography and art history), the bingo cards on the front and back of the page are essentially the same so that, for example, if we have 20 bingo cards there will be only 10 usable at any one time.

With USA Bingo we’ve decided to do something a little different. In our other books the bingo card on the back is another 4 x 4 grid with the same images rearranged. Why not make the back a little bit different? Why not make the back a different type of bingo card? Yeah, why not?

Zoom Bingo

We’re calling the new game in USA Bingo, Zoom Bingo. What we’ve done is taken each state and isolated it in the bingo square. In this way students learn the shape of the state out of context from the rest of the USA. In cases where the states have a similar shape, a star represents the capital to give them an additional clue. Also, instead of 4 x 4 grid we are going with a 5 x 5 grid to make this game a little more complicated than the other and a little different.

Sample Bingo Cards

Below are both the 4 x 4 bingo cards and the 5 x 5 Zoom bingo cards.

We are still on schedule for publication in late May or early June. Wish us luck!

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