Tokens for the USA Bingo gameYes, it’s true. We’re not lying. We’re being as genuine as we possibly can. The back cover of the USA Bingo book is filled with very cool bingo tokens for the bingo game.

It hard to sit here still writing about this because I can hardly contain myself just thinking about the cool tokens that you will be able to cut up for your students to play the USA Bingo game. And not only that, if you need extra tokens because you’ve got so many players or even if your players have favorite tokens that they can’t live without, you will be able to download a pdf that you can print and slice until the cows come home (they never come home, by the way).

I know, it’s hard to wait for something so stupendous, so exhilarating, so colossally phenomenal. But you’ll have to. Sorry. 


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