ARTK12 Vendor Status

Vendor Status by State
Excel AcademyApproved!Depending on grade level, between $2700 – $3200 will be allotted to each student, with which families can select approved educational materials and services. More» about Excel Academy
Heartwood Charter SchoolApproved!$2,400 per student. Serving Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa, Napa, Lake, Mendocino and Solano Counties. More» about Heartwood Charter School
Sage Oak Charter SchoolApproved!TK through 8th students receive $2,700 per year.
High school students grades 9-12th receive $3,200 per year.
More» about Sage Oak Charter School

If you do not see your school or charter school on this list, please contact ARTK12 ( with the information we need to become a vendor or have your school contact us or make a pilgrimage to Prescott Valley, Arizona and plead with us face-to-face to become a vendor. Any of these should work, though if you choose the latter, please bring pizza.