ARTK12 Vendor Status

Vendor Status by State
Excel AcademyApproved!Depending on grade level, between $2700 – $3200 will be allotted to each student, with which families can select approved educational materials and services. More» about Excel Academy
Heartwood Charter SchoolApproved!$2,400 per student. Serving Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa, Napa, Lake, Mendocino and Solano Counties. More» about Heartwood Charter School
Inspire Charter SchoolsApproved!Inspire Charter Schools service Northern, Southern and Central California. More» about Inspire Charter Schools
Sage Oak Charter SchoolApproved!TK through 8th students receive $2,700 per year.
High school students grades 9-12th receive $3,200 per year.
More» about Sage Oak Charter School

If you do not see your school or charter school on this list, please contact ARTK12 ( with the information we need to become a vendor or have your school contact us or make a pilgrimage to Prescott Valley, Arizona and plead with us face-to-face to become a vendor. Any of these should work, though if you choose the latter, please bring pizza.