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Woman with a megaphone: Vendor NewsI suppose it will go down as one of the great mysteries of our time. My wife and I have both been vendors for charter schools over the years. She taught art, I taught literature. We know the drill.

So why it took a convention and a dozen or so parents asking me if ARTK12 was a vendor for their school for me to realize that becoming a product vendor might, possibly, be a good idea for ARTK12, I will never know. As I say, one of the great mysteries.

Hence, forthwith and without delay (or redundancy) ARTK12 will make every attempt to fulfill your needs as a school vendor. The only obligation you have is either to send ARTK12 the information we need or have your school do so ( Don’t delay. We’ve got 4 California schools in the works right now and 2 more that have already approved us.

Vendor Status in Real Time!

And now, right before your eyes, you can easily check if your school has bequeathed upon us the coveted vendor acceptance by checking our ARTK12 Vendor page. The school state, our current status and other information is provided.

Find a Good School and Carry On

Let me just tell you that the charter schools we heard about at the GHC convention in Ontario sound awesome compared to what we were dealing with back in the day. A couple of these are providing close to $3,000 a year for each of your students. We’re hearing that you can use this money for books, lessons, field trips and more. When we ended our homeschooling with a Southern California school that will remain unnamed we were getting $300.00 a semester. It had started out much better than that. Hopefully, these schools I’m hearing about will keep allowing parents a lot of choice when it comes to their curriculum needs and wants.

There was a lot of interest in Kristin’s American Art History and Geography curriculum at the convention. These sets are perfect candidates for Charter School dollars. Just sayin’.

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