Sage Oak Charter School

State: California

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Address 1473 Ford Street, Suite #105
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone (888) 435-4445

From their website:

Why Enroll at Sage Oak Charter School?

Our passionate and dedicated educators work with parents to provide a personalized, non-traditional educational experience for students that is relevant to their lives now, as well as their future careers.

  • We partner with families so students can attain their personal and academic goals.
  • We offer some of the most diverse and innovative curriculum options and community learning options of any charter school.
  • Serving our community is encouraged for our students and helps them learn leadership skills.
  • We provide a teacher facilitator, educational workshops, and a high school and curriculum director so our students and parents are fully supported.
  • Our students receive more instructional funds per student than similar charter school programs. Our TK through 8th students receive $2,700 per year and our high school students grades 9-12th receive $3,200 per year.