Verse Card Proofs Are Here!

WooHoo! Does anybody actually say “WooHoo”? Yeah, well, now that I think about it, I do. Moving right along….

The verse card proofs arrived today. Kristin already found a mistake or two she’ll have to fix and there are some words that are bold that shouldn’t be. There’s a little issue with the box on the back cover as the ISBN covers some of the cutting and folding lines. So we’ll add some instructions in the book to help with that.

And we need to add a table of contents. Yes, Kristin forgot the table of contents.



“Don’t you help proof these books before we send them to the printer?”

Create Bible Verse Cards: Volume I Proofs


“So, you never mentioned to me that I forgot the table of contents, did you?”

“No…….that’s true. I did not mention that to you.”

“So….? Any additional thoughts for our readers?”

Anyway, we forgot the table of contents. So we will fix that!

But all-in-all the book looks good. Once these changes have been made, we’ll upload, order more proofs and see where we’re at.

Kristin is hoping to launch the book in early 2019!


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Joanne Stewart

Looks great … so much detail! If you ever need help proofing, contact Pat :) She is a whiz at it. She always checks my Christmas letter with a red pen. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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