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Kristin's verse cards for our son

A couple of years ago Kristin decided she wanted to make Bible verse cards for our son. Kristin has a love for the Bible and great art and she wanted to combine the two, using great art in all its forms to illustrate the idea or ideas contained in the verse.

It was a natural progression to figure out a way to put this into book form (a disposable book). Associating a verse reference with the text of the verse is more difficult to remember than if you associate the verse with a piece of art. The idea sticks better with a visual cue.

Not Your Typical Verse Card

By combining the Bible verse with a great pieces of art Kristin is also creating verse cards that are beautiful, classical and fun for your students (Don’t miss the interactive verse cards at the bottom of this page!). For those of you who like scrapbooking, get ready. Kristin wants you and your students to have some fun. The card we’re exploring in this post is the one for:

Psalm 119:105: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (KJV)

When published the book will contain 10 verse card projects. For each project students will cut-out a foldable card that will have the background and explanation of the art already printed on it. Then they will print the verse on the card (your choice of translation) and glue it to the card. In addition there will be extra ornaments that students can add to their card to individualize it as they please. These images will be meaningful (i.e. not just cute puppies and kittens…though we do like cute puppies and kittens) and will often be ancient or early Christian symbols in modern form.

Wait, There’s More!

To finish everything off, the cover and back cover of the book will be used to make a nice box for all the verse cards.

But We Have 10 Kids

Families will have permission to make copies of the verse cards for personal use. Schools, organizations, coops and others will be able to buy an inexpensive license for each student (probably $2.00 or $3.00 per student) plus the price of the book which will grant you permission to make photocopies of the cards for classroom use.

The Plan, Stan

The book (possibly titled: Bible Verse Cards, Volume I: Celebrating the Bible & Great Art) will have 10 verse cards. It should sell for under $15.00. If you are interested in having a book for each student so they have their own verse card box the book cost on our website will be less than our proposed $14.95 cost on by probably $2.00 or so. If you are a school with lots of students and want the same, our bulk pricing (50 or more books) can offer significant savings.

We plan to blog about another card in the next couple of months. Then before publication we will offer 2 free cards that you can download to see if these will be a good fit for your students.

Hopefully, within the next year Kristin’s first book of Bible verse cards will be available. Sign up for the newsletter if you want to stay in the loop. Stay in the loop. The loop is good. Good to be in loop, it is.

Design Your Own Verse Card

Below you will get a taste of what your students will be doing with the verse cards. Enjoy!

The art for this card is Vincent van Gogh’s:

Still Life with Bible
October 1885
oil on canvas
Height: 65.7 cm (25.8 in); Width: 78.5 cm (30.9 in)

Psalm 119:105 Verse Card Art Side

Click or touch any image to add it to the card.
Then drag it with your mouse or finger.

Psalm 119:105 verse card ready for cutouts

Click or touch any image to add it to the card.
Then drag it with your mouse or finger.


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Pretty cool, you two. As always, I like the classic look. And Glen, the click and drag is awesome.


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