Where to Buy ARTK12 Books

If you’d like your favorite retailer to carry our books, you can direct them to our Bulk Ordering page for more information.

RetailerBooks CarriedWebsite
Amazon.comAll ARTK12 BooksAmazon.com
ARTK12.comBook Bundles / Multiple Copies
You can buy geography and history book bundles and sets and/or multiple copies of our geography & art history books right here on ARTK12. You may buy our books in any combination, but your cart total must be $58.00 or more at checkout.
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Exodus BooksAll 9 Map Books, 6 Art History BooksExodusbooks.com
Half-a-hundred Acre WoodDraw the USAhalfahundredacrewood.com
Rainbow Resource CenterAll 9 Map Books, 6 Art History Books, Bible Verse Card Book, 2 Children’s BooksRainbowresource.com
TimberdoodleDraw the USATimberdoodle.com