Where’s Malta? Ask Ricky!

Where is Malta?

Yup. No Malta. Rats!

Kristin received the following email this week. Actually it came to me because I’m the head gopher here at ARTK12. Anyway, here’s what it said:

Dear Ms. Kristin,

Why did you forget about Malta?  My name is Ricky and I am 7 years old.  I  highly love your books, but in Draw Europe, why did you forget Malta?  You have a huge imagination like me!!  At night I like to read your books before I go to sleep and make up stories to go with them.  In the day time, I practice drawing all the continents on my big dry erase board and on big sheets of paper.  I have 8 of your 9 books.  My Mom is getting me the last one tomorrow.  I can hardly wait!


Ricky drawing a map

Ricky knows!

I, the husband, had to give a little chuckle at this. Malta? It sounded vaguely familiar, probably a city or maybe a river or some restaurant in Asia. But a country? I’m as sure about that as I am that the Chargers are in San Diego or the Rams in St. Louis.

So I waltzed into Ms. Kristin’s office and said, “Hey, we got a cool letter from a student…let me read it to you.”

Before I could finish Ms. Kristin said, “Did I forget Malta?!”

I, being the supportive husband I am, said, “You forgot Malta? What kind of Geography Goddess are you anyway? Malta, a full-on country! Good grief!

“Seven-years-olds are usually right,” she said, after no response or even an acknowledgement of my outrage. “Would you please go get me a copy of Draw Europe?” As if to say, “Do something useful with yourself.” So I got the book. She browsed through it…”Yup, I forgot Malta. Rats.”

Ricky with Draw Oceania

I guess when you are the Geography Goddess of homeschooling you know these things. Apparently, it does not necessarily rub off.

So Ricky, thank you very much for catching that mistake. Some free books are headed your way and we will fix my wife’s glaring error in the next edition…just a minute Ms. Kristin is talking to me…what’s that you say? Yes…I did proof the book…yessssssss…several times…and yes I did say it was ready for publication…okay, okay, it’s my fault too! Go write some more books!

I guess I better figure out where Malta is.


Pamela McDaniel

Ricky is in my music class and we are currently learning about instruments and songs from every continent. Ricky has corrected me on more than one occasion, especially about the islands in the Oceania region! He is such a delight to have in class! You ought to hear him play the piano!

Erin Rodriguez (AKA Ricky's Mom)

Aww that’s so cool Mrs. Mac! Thanks for sharing that. Ricky had a piano recital this past Saturday and did great. He played a song called “The Harp” – but on the piano of course. And he also had his first orchestra performance at the University of Texas at San Antonio – and corrected one of the teachers who spelled “tremolo” wrong on the board – they spelled it with 2 E’s like “Tremelo” (which happens to be a municipality in Belgium) – lol. He’s constantly teaching us new things all the time.


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