Work on Draw the World Has Started

Draw the Continents by Kristin J. Draeger Left Page

Full Page Layout

Kristin has started work on the 8th book of her draw map series. This one will be titled: Draw the Continents Draw the World: An Outline of Continents and Oceans and will focus on drawing the entire world (stating the obvious, I know). She’s planning to use two 8 1/2″ x 11″ pieces of paper taped together in a vertical position to give your students a large drawing area (8 1/2″ x 17″).

Currently, she’s working on the art work for the bottom of the page and the cover. For both of these she is taking her favorite icons from her other books to represent all the continents your students will be drawing.

The book will be going on sale in February of 2017.

What Happened to Australia?

Draw the Continents by Kristin J. Draeger Right - Australia

Detail – Australia

Don’t worry, the last book in the series, Draw Oceania will be started once Draw the World is completed. That will complete the ARTK12 map series with a total of 9 books.

What’s Next?

Once the map books are completed, Kristin hopes to continue her art history series. Currently she has a two semester course in American Art History available on This includes 6 books total, 3 books per semester which include one art history book, one drawing book and one bingo game (a disposable bingo game book is coming soon to Amazon).

She has plans in the works for Medieval, Renaissance and Christian Art History.

Draw the Continents by Kristin J. Draeger Right Page Detail

Detail – Right Page

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Kristin has decided to change the title of the book to: Draw the World: An Outline of Continents and Oceans.


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